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Celal Bayar University Health High School: became operational in 1997. Recognizing the nursing section of the 1997-1998 academic year began studying, took students for midwifery department in 1999-2000 academic year. First cycle degree in 2004, gave its first graduates. Celal Bayar University Health High School was converted Faculty of Health Sciences on 25th January 2016. Upon successful completion of this program, students are bachelor’s lisans degree in midwifery. In addition, Department of Midwifery in the Celal Bayar University Institute of Health Sciences is two graduate programs including with thesis and without thesis graduate and doctorate programs.

Mission: The mission of Department of Midwifery is to train such midwives who will provide high quality service for the protection and improvement of the health of women and children in society, who has higher universal and cultural values, and who are focused on lifelong learning; by doing so, to give contribution to the development of midwifery discipline, and to display top level activity in the protection and improvement of the health of women and children.

Vision: For provide services of  mother-child, to be a leading educational institution well-known both nationally and internationally with its well equipped graduates in midwifery field, its scientific and social activities for the protection of health and improvement of life standards of society.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples:The working field of our graduates includes birth, child and family planning units of the institutions affiliated to Ministery of Health and the private health facilities. The graduates who want to study academically can be employed as instructor at universities and they can carry on their postgraduate studies.

FacilitiesMidwifery department is close to Celal Bayar University Physical Education and Sports high school, and rectorate campus, providing education and training is in the garden of the Manisa state hospital the department of infrastructure and laboratory facilities are as follows: The department has 4 classrooms and a computer and projector are available in all classrooms. For laboratory applications of the students have 2 skills laboratorys. Skill laboratory, basic midwifery practice (vascular access opening, making the injection, the body cavity tube application, etc.) that allow adult models of 2 ,massage can be a heart-lung model of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, anatomy model, skeletal, episiotomy model, models of bimanual examination, neonatal care and practice models, delivery models, blood pressure measuring devices, degrees, scales, etc. equipment. Department of Midwifery students benefit from a library, fitness center, 85- person conference room ,student cafeteria and 2 tennis table in the cafeteria. At the department, 1 associate professor, 8 assistant professors, and 5 research assistant has been working as permanent staff. When required, teaching staff support is provided from the relevant departments of the university.

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