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Health School was established in 1996 connected to the universities in order to ensure at the undergraduate level of professions Nursing, Midwifery and Health Officer in our country. Health Sciences School of Manisa which is located between them the Department of Nursing were accepted students in 1997-1998. In 2001 the Department of Nursing has the first graduates at the undergraduate level. After the change to the Law on Nursing, Department of Nursing is being accepted male students since 2007. In addition, Department of Nursing in the Celal Bayar University Institute of Health Sciences is two graduate programs including Nursing and Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Graduate programs.

Mission: Training nurses that are able to use maintenance, training, research, leadership and management roles effectively in individual, family and community health protection in the light of scientific knowledge with ethical values respect for human rights critical thought and openness to lifelong learning.

Vision:  Becoming a preferred educational institution with qualified graduates who can wield the art of nursing science on the highest level at the national and international level.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples: Our graduates have academic career facilities in national and international level. So they can be employed health institutions under the Ministry of Health, private hospitals and health centers, health professionals in all areas needed; schools, kindergartens, factories, hotels.

Facilities: School of Nursing is close to Celal Bayar University School of Physical Education and Sports and Rectorate Campus. School of Nursing provides education and training in the garden of Manisa State Hospital. The department of infrastructure and laboratory facilities is as follows: The department has 8 classrooms and projector is available in all classrooms. There are two skills lab for students' laboratory practices. In the skills labs, there are two item adult models, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation model which making the heart and breathing massage, model of anatomy, skeletal, the model of episiotomy, models of bimanual examination, newborn care and treatment models, models of birth, blood pressure measuring instruments, degrees, scales, and so on. Gadgets allowing basic nursing practices (Vascular access opening, making the injection, catheter and tube applications into body cavities etc.). There is a library, gym, 85-seat conference hall, coffee shop and 2 tennis tables in the cafe nursing students benefit. At the department, 3 associate professor, 8 assistant professors, 3 lecturer and 3 research assistant has been working as permanent staff. Instructor supports from relevant departments of the university are taken when needed.

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