About Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


The establishment of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation under Manisa School of Health was determined on 17.10.2012 according to with the law numbered 2547, 7/ d-2 amendment of the law 2880. Manisa Health School was closed with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 2016 and the Faculty of Health Sciences was established. Our school started education in 2013-2014 academic session and is continuing to education under the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The aim of the department is to train physiotherapists who have enough knowlegde, skill and competences in order to determine, prevent, treat systematic and movement dysfunctions in physiotherapy and rehabilitation profession, improve the health related quality of life and also to train physiotherapists who have ability to research, investigate and lifelong learning skills with evidence based practices. Graduated physiotherapists from the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can work as a healthcare profession and also can study for advanced academic career.

Who is Physiotherapist?

According to published official document on 26.04.2011 and numbered 27916, article 9 of the law 6225, physiotherapist defined as a health professional graduated from college or faculties offering education in the field of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapist can identify, plan and implement evidence-based preventive and improvement protocols by measuring and testing related to the profession in order to increase individual physical activity and mobility level, except for illness. Physiotherapist can makes fundamental implements to eliminate or treat physical functional dysfunction on the basis of the diagnosis and treatment orientation by physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist physician or specialist trained physical medicine and rehabilitation during physical medicine and rehabilitation rotations during training period, the relevant branch specialist in illness situation.

Work areas?

Students, successfully graduated from Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, have titled as a physiotherapist with a bachelor's degree. Physiotherapist can work various places such as physiotherapy clinics, state hospitals, private hospitals, private training and rehabilitation centers, municipal health centers, sports clubs, nursing homes, construction and application centers for prosthesis and orthosis, health organizations and also universities as an academics.

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation provides education and training in the garden of Manisa State Hospital. There is a multi-functional practice laboratory that provides students to practice theory lessons. In addition to traditional assessment and measurement methods, there are variety of assessment and measurement equipments for topical methods. There is a 80-seat computer laboratories for learning activities and researches, coffee shop and tennis tables in the cafe physiotherapy students can benefit.

Training is carried out in practice with theoretical knowledge supported by clinical studies. Sixty-six percent of our training program section constitutes vocational courses. The internships, considered as practical applications, is the most important and indispensable part of physiotherapy and rehabilitation field and also allows to perform implementations to students in the presence of a supervisor.

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